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Limestone is an extremely versatile, classic natural stone and is commonly used inside and outside a residential or commercial countertop project. Limestone offers a distinct alternative to other natural stones, as it is prized for its neutral creamy and soft earth colors similar to travertine only with less pattern variation. Limestone is inherently porous and a soft material that is not often recommended for kitchen countertops yet is a good option for bathroom vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, walls and flooring. A unique characteristic of this limestone is the fossils and seashells often found embedded in the surface adding an intriguing visual element to the countertop.

Limestone Countertop Advantages

  • Heat resistant
  • Muted Colors with surprising variations
  • Soft, elegant look
  • Extensive selection of finishes
  • Easy to cut and carve into various shapes
  • Naturally stays cool
  • Ages gracefully and naturally
  • Long-lasting (Great Pyramids)

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